About Us

The Little Critters Traveling Petting Zoo is family owned and managed, by Coy and Rhonda Shupe, of Troutville, Virginia.

Coy and Rhonda, a special education teacher, have always loved animals, and living in the countryside, what could be more natural than to have a small farm?  But what began as a sidebar to their lifestyle, took on a greater importance when Coy's job with a telecommunications company was eliminated during the recession.

This upset spurred Rhonda to log onto the internet and search for additions to their farm, particularly miniature animals that would appeal to young children, and would also be easy to transport to events.

Now that the Little Critters Traveling Petting Zoo is really becoming well-established, as well as Coy and Rhonda, their son Daniel and daughter Kalena also lend a hand. They spend time socializing the animals - particularly important for a children's petting zoo.

Oreo - our farm dog

The animals on the farm now include miniature horses, chickens, rabbits, pygmy goats, a sheep named "Baaab," a duck and alpacas and a miniature donkey.  And last but not least, the cutest things in the world: Baby pot-bellied pigs named Wilbur and Fiona. And no farm would be complete without a dog - Oreo follows Coy all over the four-acre farm.

So, what started out as a family hobby, has turned into a family business, and none of the family have any regrets about that!


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